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Reform IUSA

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Our Campaign

Just a brief introduction to our policy.

Reform IUSA is built to fix student government at Indiana University and ensure its effectiveness in representing and empowering students now and in the future. We will realize our new vision of IUSA by enacting policies that promote transparency, accountability, and cooperation so that ours and future administrations’ policies can be fully implemented and IUSA can once again serve its function as a means to improve student life at IU. With a new, functional student government, we will manage fees and the cost of living for students, advocate for identity-based inclusion across campus, expand safety and wellness resources for students, empower sustainability efforts on campus, and defend student interests to administration, state, and national government.

Our Team

We are a group of students aimed to serve with a real purpose.

Full Team
We’re focused on reforming the institution that is IUSA and we have the experience to do it.
How We Work

Our Process

Here is an overview of how we will reform our campus.

Reform IUSA’s vision for a new student government is based on three guiding principles—transparency, accountability, and cooperation. Our collective experience in IUSA has shown us the power of student government, but also how it must be improved if we are to implement the change we all want to see. Our Executive Branch will form an ad-hoc Reform Committee in order to ensure the following policies are enacted and the currently outdated Constitution is amended to reflect these goals.

Reform IUSA

A detailed trajectory of how we plan to implement our ideas and fulfill our promises.

Improving IU

Meet the Reformers

The IUSA dream team who will ignite change here at IU. Learn more about us by clicking on our profiles.

Emma Coates
Emma Coates President
Andrew Hennessey
Andrew Hennessey VP of Administration
Raghav Goyal
Raghav Goyal VP of Congress
Evan Castle
Evan Castle Treasurer
Spencer Bowman
Spencer Bowman Director of Campaign Communication
Leanne Mroz
Leanne Mroz Chief of Staff
Elizabeth Grimes
Elizabeth Grimes Campaign Advisor
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams Webmaster | Co-Chief of Communication
Colin Dombrowski
Colin Dombrowski Co-Chief of Communication
Neev Kadakia
Neev Kadakia Co-Chief of Academic Affairs
Brian Dickstein
Brian Dickstein Co-Chief of State and Legislative Affairs
Susan Heck
Susan Heck Co-Chief of Sustainability
Charley Jackson
Charley Jackson Co-Chief of Diversity and Inclusion
Alexis Woods
Alexis Woods Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Connor Opalka
Connor Opalka Co-Chief of Student Affairs
Meredith Karbowsky
Meredith Karbowsky Co-Chief of Reform Committee
Emma Cesar
Emma Cesar Co-Chief of Reform Committee
Sam Messier
Sam Messier Chief of Health and Wellbeing
Nick Horowitz
Nick Horowitz Campaign Media Planner


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